An intruder who jumped up on stage at the Rolling Stones concert in Adelaide was not a fan from the audience but actually appeared from backstage.
Video footage of the incident shows a man, wearing shorts, a black hoodie and an orange high visibility vest, charge at lead singer Mick Jagger during their final song -Satisfaction.
The rock and roll veteran has been around long enough to not allow such an unexpected antic faze him.
Like a true professional, Jagger simply glanced at the man - while security wrestled him to the ground - and then turned away before continuing on with the show like nothing had happened.
A minder dragged the man by the hood on the back of his black jumper when another security guard appeared and helped very quickly get him off the stage.
The male and female back-up singers looked quite alarmed as the hooded man ran past them but Jagger casually joked: "All part of the act, some Aussies Rules tackling!", The Adelaide Advertiser reported.
"The intruder was dealt with by the band's security and was subsequently handed over to SAPOL," Adelaide Oval Stadium Management Authority general manager Darren Chandler told Daily Mail Australia.
"We believe the man came from back-stage and was not a concert goer."
A SA Police spokesman told the Advertiser that officers cautioned the stage invader before evicting him from the Adelaide Oval Stadium.