Sunday, January 29, 2012

Archangels and Demons - original song "Wings to Fly" by Stephen Skelton

WINGS TO FLY by Stephen Skelton
C add 9
Dreams I have
Kisses and promises
We’re flying high
We’re flying free
Cross the ocean waves
To me
Bless me now
Bless me with wings to fly
Precious white wings
Songs that we sing
You came back
For me
Dm7                          G
You’re closer now to me
Fmaj7                          Dsus4  D
You’re closer than you see - ee
I have a dream (that we’re)
High above the trees (that the)
Em7                    C add 9
Wind is in my - y hair
I have a dream that we’re
High above the trees the
Wind is in my - y hair
            Am7        Dsus4
Tell me what do I do
                   G        D/F#
To earn my wings
Tell me what do I do
To earn my wings

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