Sunday, April 29, 2012

Angel Footprints

Angels leave their footprints everywhere.

My wife and I recently asked the Archangel Gabriel to help us with our new house, to grant us prosperity and help us so that we could help others. 

We had a beautiful citrine crystal delivered and when the deliveryman tried to put my credit card through his system it wouldn't work. He tried many times including calling the credit card company but nothing would make that credit card budge. So we offered to pay in cash. When we gave him the money he dropped it all over the floor, inside the door. That money did not want to leave the house. He even pulled out his own credit card and offered to try it he was so exasperated!

Then another parcel arrived a few minutes later. Inside was cash! From Amazon! It was so unusual, as we've ordered lots of products from Amazon but never received money in cash in the delivery.

So I took the boxes down to the garage. The first two trips I put the boxes down right at the front of the garage in a clear space. The last trip I couldn't believe my eyes. There, in that clear space, in front of the boxes was a series of coins laid out carefully. I was so shocked I asked my wife if she had secretly put them there. She hadn't. What a divine mystery!

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