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The Wandering Sannyasi

This is the true story of a young person who had the good fortune to meet an angel. Me. This meeting was by chance, the angel was real and although the person was not religious, the events leading up to the meeting and what happened afterwards are nothing less than extraordinary. In order to protect the identities of some of the people involved, their names have been changed but the events remain the same.

Here is the first of my stories.

I was on the edge of nowhere, a country school in a wildlife reserve in the holiest of holy cities in India, Benares, which is also known as Varanasi. I had been invited there as a guest teacher of the arts, language, drama and music and I was having a tough day.

It had been extremely hot, that thundery, lightning strewn day in July and the monsoon was upon me. The last thing I ever thought I would hear was a knock on my door in the middle of the night.

I shouldn't have been surprised. Since childhood I have had a lot of knocks, most of them urging me to open up and pay attention. Some bad drug experiences, terrible relationships and a disillusionment with the way the rich got richer and the poor got what was left led me to volunteer for this school way out in the middle of a field with no pens or paper and just myself and my wits to rely on.

I had my own little house with a servant and his family. I really didn’t want to accept that but was told the pittance I paid him weekly in US dollars was enough to feed his family for several months. So I took the hint and the servant stayed. He was there when I woke up to bring me breakfast before my daily yoga and the last person to say goodnight before the sun went down. 

So to get a knock at 2am? Inconceivable! 

I lurched out of bed half expecting an emergency at the school. It didn’t seem impossible for the old thing to have been blown over in the gale force winds or maybe it had caught fire.

Instead, standing on the doorstep was a woman in orange robes.

“I’ve been looking for you a long time,” she said.

I knew what she was. A Sannyasi. Someone in the last stage of life who has renounced all worldly and material pleasures and is pursuing a spiritual life. But this woman was young, white and spoke fluent German!

“I have a message for you from the Gods,” she said in halting English.

“This scroll is for you.” I held out my hands and accepted an ancient parchment with open mouth. What else would you expect at 2 in the morning.

“You have had previous incarnations in India. The one I am to speak about is your life as a Raj of a minor kingdom in the north in the 16th century. You had three wives. You loved peacocks. You adored music even more. You worshipped the Goddess Saraswati, Hindu Goddess of knowledge, music, arts and science. That is your purpose this lifetime. Fulfill it.”

Then she turned and headed out into the wind and rain and shut the door. I rushed after her but when I opened the door she was nowhere to be seen.

I have never laid eyes on her, before or since.

What if reality met fantasy?

Fact met fiction...

History met legend...

What would it look like?

What if angels could speak?

What would aliens say...

If you could talk to the animals...

If we could understand nature...

Connect with the planets and the stars...



The mystical properties of words

Angel Mind

The true story of how an angel saved my life began with this woman, the wandering Sanseis.

If you are reading this then you, like me, are searching for something that makes sense of life’s mystery.

These stories are about the discovery of yourself and the miracles that brings and leads on to a story that does involve a meeting with a real angel.

Everyone on this earth is awakening, and powers far beyond our imagination are waiting like wings for you to use and fly with, wisely.

These stories are about our ability to expand far beyond what we can comprehend, to let go of what we know and embrace the unknown, the mysterious. I call it the angel mind. That was the gift I was given That is the gift I want to pass on to you.

These are true stories. They all happened to me. They answer many of the questions we both have, you and I. Where are we from? Why are we here? Where are we going?

Human life, at this very moment, is poised on the edge of the remarkable, is ready to achieve the experiences great saints like St Francis of Assisi and scientists like Albert Einstein have hinted at.

If you want to connect to the mystery, the mystical, the miracle that is life, then read on.

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