Monday, March 4, 2013

Batman - Bradford Batman

Bradford Batman unmasks himself as fancy dress-wearing football fan who drove friend to police station

The Batman costume-wearing crimefighter who handed a wanted man in to police in Bradford has revealed himself to be a friend of the suspect and explained that he had just returned from a football match where he wore fancy dress.

Batman at Trafalgar House police station in Bradford
Batman at Trafalgar House police station in Bradford Photo: WEST YORKSHIRE POLICE
It was a scene that could have come straight from a comic book or a Hollywood film.
A crimefighter dressed as Batman marched into a police station in Bradford dragging a wanted suspect with him and told the astonished officers behind the desk, “I’ve caught this one for you.”
The mysterious caped crusader of West Yorkshire then vanished into the night, leaving police baffled as to the identity of their new, slightly paunchy, ally in the battle against crime.
Yesterday the streets of the city were ablaze with speculation about who the Bradford Batman was and whether he would come forward again to aid the forces of law and order.
Local politicians leapt on the bandwagon, with MP George Galloway taking to Twitter to “deny rumours” that he was the masked avenger.

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