Thursday, June 20, 2013

How To Make Money Selling Drugs - Most important movie of the summer - eyeopening!

Arianna Huffington: The biggest movie of the summer isn't Man of Steel, or The Lone Ranger, or Fast & Furious 6. It's a new documentary called How to Make Money Selling Drugs, and it exposes the hypocrisy, insanity, and destructiveness of America's drug war. Now, when I say "biggest," I'm not talking about budget size or box office receipts -- I'm talking impact and importance. Of course, the problem with saying a movie is "important" is that it can leave the impression that it isn't entertaining. That's certainly not the case with this film. But the reason the film truly feels like a blockbuster is that you can't leave the theater without being shocked and outraged by what you've seen. Even if you go in feeling like you're well-versed in the insanity of the drug war, you'll walk out stunned -- by the cowardice and hypocrisy of our elected leaders, and by the staggering consequences in lives and money.

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