Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Wedding Blues - how to beat the budget

Costs to attend a wedding can add up quickly.

When wedding season kicks into high gear you may find yourself invited to a few. While celebrating the lifelong commitment of a friend or family member is priceless, it is almost never cheap.
As expenses stack up for parties, travel, gifts and new clothes, it’s easy to become financially overwhelmed. A June online survey in the US by Harris Interactive found that 5% of adults who attended at least one wedding in the last year were in debt because of the cost of the celebration. And 25% said they’ve declined a wedding invitation because of the costs involved.
If you don’t want to miss the next nuptials you are invited to — but don’t want to go into debt to attend — acting early is key to keeping spending in check.
Here’s how to celebrate the big day, without breaking your budget.

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