Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nelson Mandela - free music - please download

Hi All

Nelson Mandela's passing made me shed a big tear or two.

In 1994, for his inauguration, I was so inspired that I wrote a song "I Have A Dream" with my band that made the charts in NZ and got a lot of press, radio and TV coverage. 

As a result the NZ government presented a copy to Nelson at his inauguration and I got a big thank you from him and the South African Government. It was played all over South Africa on that day.

I wrote to the studios tonight to ask them to send me a copy (Thank you for remastering it Arnie!). So here it is, a special Christmas present from my heart, to you and him. Enjoy! Feel free to download it and add it to your playlists. I can also send you a free mp3 if you email me at

Lots of love and thanks for being such great friends!


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