Sunday, February 16, 2014

Coffee spa in Japan

Coffee spa in Japan

I love hot springs (“onsen” in Japanese). I might even consider visiting onsens a hobby of mine. Yet for some reason I completely forgot that I went to this weird (in a good way) amusement park onsen in Hakone, Japan. In addition to your standard Japanese hot spring, they also had a coffee onsen, a green tea onsen, and a wine onsen. I don’t recommend drinking any of it, but as a bath it was pretty awesome to experience. Japan definitely embraces its onsen culture.coffee_bath 

Coffee doesn't come from the ground so how do they get it into the bath water you ask? They make coffee in a pot and pour it in! 

Here is the Green Tea onsen. I'm sure kids drink it all the time...clearly forgetting that the water is actually full of bacteria (bleh). 

Aaah, the Wine onsen. Seems like these wine loving ladies are enjoying it quite a bit! wine_bath 

I heard they now have a "Ramen noodle onsen." I hope this spa in Hakone never stops being weird! And to any of you, if you are curious about this spot (and have a chance to travel to Japan), the onsen is only about an hour train ride from Tokyo. Give a whirl, but remember – don’t drink it! 
Pictures: YunessunJapanprobe

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