Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Breaking News - Raid in Reims - police anti-terror raid in France - pics

  • Picture from the scene of reported raid in Reims

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    is in Reims where a police anti-terror raid is taking place and has tweeted this picture from the scene:
    @MisterCHCH Reims raid
  • More details on the reported raid in Reims

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    AFP has more details from that police raid reportedly taking place in Reims in north-eastern France. A member of France's elite anti-terror unit has called on journalists at the scene to remain "vigilant", warning that there would "a showdown" or that the suspects could escape, the agency says.
  • Charlie Hebdo dominates US and European press as well

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    Bild 8/1/15
    Liberation 8/1/15
    Le Figaro, 8/1/15
    NYT Int, 8/1/15
  • Damian Grammaticas

    Damian Grammaticas

    BBC News
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    tweets: Multiple reports of police raids in Reims as police search for #CharlieHebdo suspects, 1 of 3 identified is from Reims
  • Breaking News

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    Police say an anti-terror raid is under way in the north-eastern city of Reims, according to the AFP news agency.
  • Charlie Hebdo attack dominates UK front pages

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    Daily Mail, 8/1/15
    Daily Mirror, 8/1/15
    Times, 8/2/15
    Guardian 8/1/15
    Daily Telegraph 8/1/15

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