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The 47 Ronin by Stephen Skelton - FREE

Japan - The 47 Ronin (Bella and Burton's MisAdventures)

READ THE 47 RONIN by Stephen Skelton FOR FREE!

Book Description

 January 26, 2012
Imagine you've just moved to a new country, started a new school, and are juggling a whole bunch of new friends. The last thing you need is to travel back in time to one of the bloodiest battles in Japanese history! 
Life in Tokyo isn't easy for Bella Feet. She's struggling at her new school, she makes a fool of herself in Kendo class... and then when she wanders backstage at an old theatre she finds herself face to face with a dead samurai. Bella quickly learns that you might not be able to change history, but you can certainly learn from it.
In the second book in the Bella & Burton Misadventures Series, the twins explore past and present Japan and meet the 47 Ronin.


Bella & Burton Feet don't go looking for trouble ... but it always finds them. Follow the expat twins from country to country, from adventure to outrageous adventure, in Bella & Burton's Misadventures. Published by Itchee Feet, this unique series is written by bestselling author and international school teacher, Stephen Skelton, and combines his love of travel with his Maori storytelling roots, bringing a fresh twist to some of the world's greatest tales and into the hearts of a new generation of children. For 7-11-year-olds.

"Best books eva! Bella and Burton know how I feel." -- Ella, expat kid, Tokyo

"AWESOME books!!!!!! When's the next one?" -- Menny, 9-years-old.


"This book is a joy to hold in my hands." Kids' Book Review.

"I recommend that 80 Ways be included on every smart traveler's packing list." Susan Grant, commercial airline pilot, best selling author, and mum

"An essential book for any family that travels..." Teo Gebert from ABC's Play School

"Creative, thought-provoking and fun..." Jennifer Nicholls, Institute of Early Childhood, Macquarie University

"A clever, one-of-a kind travel book for children and their parents..." Rosemary Serluca Foster, award-winning author of Genevieve's Gift.

"... Helps parents and children enjoy the journey as much as the destination." On The Road RACQ Magazine

"Jane Tara created a winner travel entertainment book for families..." Autistic Globetrotting

"A Fun-packed Book to Keep You Amused." Kids Travel Cam

"Funny and very down to earth, it includes 80 easy, lightweight ways to keep kids entertained and educated about travel..." Lost at E Minor

"Thank God this book came along..." Studio Bambini

"The perfect resource for any family planning to travel." Holidays with Kids Magazine

Editorial Reviews


"The Feet family and their various adventures are set to become bestsellers among expat children who have, up until now, been somewhat overlooked by the literary world.... Not only can these books encourage children to read more, they are also a superb way of helping children adjust to a life spent constantly on the move." -- The Expat Magazine Malaysia

From the Author

I have been working with expat and third culture kids for many years, so I was thrilled when I was approached to write this innovative new series for Itchee Feet. I look forward to hearing what you think.

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