Saturday, July 21, 2012

Music and Animals

Stephan Lagree
Lagree tested the effect of three different types of music — rock, classical and techno, as well as no music — on the lifespan of crickets.
“My practical use for this would be arboretums or botanical gardens where they don’t like to use pesticides,” Lagree said. “If they had a sound system, they could turn on music over the night or during the off season to get rid of any pests.”
Through three trials, crickets listening to techno died quicker than other types of music, Lagree discovered.
“I suspect it would have to do with the more decibel spikes and drops and that a progressed bassline would be more exhausting,” he said.
Lagree said he expanded a MythBusters experiment that focused on the effect of music on plants in a garden. Plants begin to be affected by decibels readings of 80 or higher — Lagree did his experiments with crickets at 20 decibels.
“It would be about a normal speaking voice,” Lagree said.

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