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Archangels and Demons Reviews


Andrew Collins - Wales
What can I possibly say about your book, except great work. The story is original; the time old subject of good versus evil, love it. The characters are well rounded and believable. The structure of the plot is very enticing for the reader, desperate to read more. Your cover of the book is fantastic, I have always believed that if your book was on a shelf in a bookshop, surrounded by other books within your genre; the cover needs to entice a reader as much as the teaser synopsis, and yours certainly does this. Well done and thanks for the download.
G. Rosalyn West - Administrator, Marie Curie Org, France
Although I don't usually read fantasy books, I couldn't put this one down. It is a very exciting read. Your pace and structure are excellent. The dialogue is so 'normal' that is gives an extra excitement to the outcome. There is a urgency in the text that keeps you reading it, only the urgency is not apparent. It underlines the text very subtly. Your descriptions of demons are really blood curdling and I could picture the monster that her boyfriend turned into. I really enjoyed reading your book and look forward to the rest of the series. Well done.
Violet Star - Publishing House Translator, Japan
This was a really exciting story, I look forward to reading more in the series.
It is original and unique in the way it looks at angels and music and their opposites, the demons. I think there is a lot of potential in the story as I haven't read anything else like this. The virtual world could easily be a reality in the future. I hope it gets made into a movie. More please!!!
Ron Pendle - Senior Lecturer, Westminster College, London
Can I first say what a stunning cover you have given your book, it fits the subject matter so perfectly. This is not the reading matter of my choice and I think it is a tribute to how well you write that I found myself reading on.
I think you establish your characters quickly and their relationship to each other is well set. Equally you were very effective, in my view, in establishing a strong sense of place and atmosphere. I shared Maia's strong sense of impending doom and the arrival of Altair -for all his smiles and good looks helped reinforce this. Very confidently written, with a strong sense of authority it reads like you really know what you’re doing with the series. Good luck with the book.
  1. L. Cid - Writer and Artist, Italy
I absolutely loved this. It is so well written. The plot is amazing with so many twists and turns.
You have built up a wonderful sense of mystery and suspense that keeps the reader turning pages to find out what will happen next, this is definitely a book which will be hard to put down.
Secondly, I like your use and choice of words, I like the modern day scene setting intertwined with ancient mythology and magic. Your style is bubbly and well paced.
Your dialogues are witty and amusing and I believe this novel will be a success.
David Lubkin - UK
'Archangels and Demons' by Stephen Skelton is a well-written piece of futuristic fiction that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. The plot appears to have been well thought out and thus the narrative works. The story held my interest from beginning to end, which after all is the purpose of any story, is it not? Obviously the author has a clear understanding of the narrative feeding the plot, yet does not get bogged down in the quagmire of self-indulgence. The main characters too were well thought out and well fleshed out, and therefore interesting. Reading 'Archangels and Demons' I wished to know more of the series. The dialogue was succinct, and succinct is always good, on the basis that less is more. If this is not a finished series then the author owes it to himself to finish it. Well done, and good luck! Oh, the story really was scary!
Phillip J Cook - Security Guard, Aberdare
Well, it's certainly different. I've never read anything in this style before. The characters seem real Maia, of course, is certainly a one off.
The plot, I did enjoy. The story can now go in so many different ways it's intriguing to think on to the next book in the series.
I know I want to read more, with your distinctive style.
Well done, best of luck.
Joanne Rudling - Lecturer in English, Bournemouth
Loved the premise and characters.
The opening prologue is good - full of tension and story.
The exposition is very interesting and original.
Great piece. Good luck with it.
Peaches - UK
This is a very interesting idea for a story and it's clearly a highly ambitious project. I do think this story series has a great deal of potential.
T M Thomson - English Language Teacher, London
Hi there, for me this was a generic good v evil tale, your tale reminded me of Charmed, an entertaining non literary fiction achievement that can yield episode after episode. You write very well. Good luck.
O.H. Fowler - UK
Interesting premise, well-written, generally fast-paced. A unique idea, and well executed. The story overall was very enjoyable and readable.
Jessica Jade Burton - UK
I really enjoyed your book. The introduction is beautifully written and the writing generally flows very well. Your description is lovely and I think that your work shows great potential. Overall, well written and enjoyable and I wish you every success.
Word Reiver - Northumberland
You start this story well giving us a good hook to make us want to read on to find out what happens to little Maia. Your writing style is smooth and flowing making this an easy an pleasant read and allowing the reader to lose themselves in the narrative. Mrs Gripe - what a great name!
An interesting bunch of characters from all over the world and the different than usual setting of France. I like the way they think their band "sucks." I hate characters who come over as perfect. I like the evil in Altair. Great cliff-hangers at the end of the chapters. I would definitely read on in this series.
Good luck with this.
John Gamlin - UK
I thought that it was rather clever of you to call the band Archangels; I like the double meaning. The pace flows well, and I would like to read more of the book series, it wasn't boring or stilted. Good luck with your writing.
Triona Waters - London
Hi Stephen, nice play on words with the name. I did like the ideas in your story. The idea of a future world where music is used as energy is interesting. Maia is a well crafted character. You've created a nice air of mystery about her origins and her secrets. Altair is a contradictory character. I can't quite make up my mind is he good or bad. In saying that, I would keep reading the series to find out. The scroll is an interesting object of power and, again, I'd read on to learn more about it. There were some nice questions raised for the reader that have had me turning the next page to get the answers. You have something great here, it could go far. Best of luck with it.
J.R. Minett - UK
You have a lot of material in this which will keep the attention of the teenager. The relationship between Maia and Altair is all very pure, which is refreshing, and I think the contrast between his real self and the demon within makes for a good fantasy for teens and I'm sure the series will end well.
Jan Satterlee - Psychologist, UK
Hi Stephen, I think you've got a very good and interesting novel here. Your writing has good flow. The parts that involve Maia and her family and the creatures are very good. All in all, you have a very good, interesting book. Keep at it! Best of luck
Simon Gamblin - Buckinghamshire
Hi Stephen, I liked what I read. In the most it was concise and clear and well written. You have a strong piece of writing, you obviously have a passion for writing. All the best and good luck.
Margaret Joyce - UK
Hi and thanks for the interesting read. This story is quite intricate and thought provoking. I think this shows good promise and would be happy to read more of the series. Best of luck with this.
Susan Helen - UK
This is very well written. Not the usual genre that I read so you have done exceptionally well in maintaining my interest through the story. I found this to be very well written and highly enjoyable.
Simon O’Callaghan - UK
I found ‘Archangels and Demons’ to contain quite a number of interesting ideas, all of which I would be prepared to read about in a longer story series. I especially find the concept of using sound as a form of power to be the most interesting. There are so many directions to go with this idea, and I would especially like to see where the author takes it in the next books.
I also found the idea of integrating the mythological characters into the reality of the story to also be well worth following. This has happened in so many other places, but there’s seemingly no end to the ways in which they can be integrated. As a protagonist, I found Maia to be very well realized. It’s quite easy for me to empathize with her, which is an incredible boon to the story. Her reactions to the unfolding events around her, are the exact same reactions that the reader would have. Because of this, it’s quite easy to get into the story. In summary, this is a good story, and if the series evolves, then we will indeed have an incredible story in our hands.
Derek Barton, Peoria, Arizona, USA
This story series has a lot of potential. The "HALO idea" was very original and I liked that a lot! I think for the most part you did a good job describing the scenes and characters. Great effort and good idea.
D.M. Eldret - UK
The Title Archangels and Demons is what drew me in, as I also write fantasy and paranormal fiction. This is definitely something that would have caught my eye in a book store. Well done for the cover also!
It has an intriguing plot and interesting characters, and with this certain type of story I guess a lot of the answers come later on in the series. Your use of description is well put. I will say that the plot keeps you wanting to read on with extra little bits like the scroll and the signs, you actually want to know what this means which is great for any story. Well done and keep up the good work.
Emily Crystl - UK
An easy to read piece, with original ideas. I like the relationship between the main character and her boyfriend. I wished there were more scenes of them together and fighting the evil forces.
The reader never finds out why the main character has this 'power', if you call it that, in the first place, but I presume this will prevail further down into the story series. I thought it was nicely written with good, strong characters and original scenarios, it flowed smoothly. Good luck with it.

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