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Japan : The 47 Ronin (Bella and Burton's Misadventures)

JAPAN: THE 47 RONIN (Bella and Burton’s MisAdventures Series) by Stephen Skelton

JAPAN: THE 47 RONIN (Bella and Burton’s MisAdventures Series)
By Stephen Skelton
Edited by Jane Tara
Illustrated by Phillip Einfeld
105 pages – ages 6+ (Kindle edition reviewed)
Published by Itchee Feet on July 1, 2012
Bella and Burton Feet are on another adventure! The Feet family travels to Japan and the kids hear a story being told about the Ronin Samurai of Japan. Bella gets so involved in listening to the story that she literally gets brought into the story. Burton, who wasn’t listening as closely gets kidnapped into the story by an evil ninja that works for an evil samurai named Kira. While in the story Bella gets trained in the ways of the samurai, learns about ancient Japan, and gets determined to save Burton from the evil Kira. Can Bella save Burton and manage to get them back home?
This book is one book in a series of books that follow the Feet family and their travels around the world. I thought this was a great adventure book. I liked the samurai and ninjas in it and learning about them. The story is based on the real-life Ronin samurai (and there were 47 of them) that lived in the 1700s in Japan and I thought that was cool. Bella and Burton were like an ordinary brother and sister, they bickered teased but also cared a lot about each other. They were very believable. The simple illustrations in the book were a nice addition. The book was written for younger kids, but I think older kids will also like it. It was a quick read for me and I would have liked a little more details in the story, but overall it was very enjoyable. I like the travel part of the series. I like it when book teach about different lands and cultures.
I give this book four out of five bookworms.
To learn more about the Bella and Burton’s MisAdventures Series please visit the Itchee Feet website HERE.

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