Saturday, January 18, 2014

Lady Gaga - Life is Art All the Time

Lady Gaga: ‘Life is art all the time’

The pop star has worked with avant-garde artists for her latest album, Artpop. She speaks with Miranda Sawyer in an off-the-wall interview for The Culture Show.

Lady Gaga − sphinx-like on a makeshift throne − is surrounded by mannequins draped in white material. She takes long (sometimes minutes-long) pauses between questions, eyes closed.
“Life is art all the time” she says.
Thus continues The Culture Show’s often bizarre, always compelling interview with Gaga, as interviewer Miranda Sawyer gamely navigates the pop star’s eccentric behaviour. This is not a normal interview:  it is part performance art, part meditation.
Could it be down to the company Gaga has been keeping? In the lead up to the release of her latest album, Artpop, Gaga tweeted to her 40m-plus twitter followers that she had been working with avant-garde New York performance artist Marina Abramovic, “high priest of experimental theatre” Robert Wilson and bubble-dog big-wig Jeff Koons, although she is still a student of their methods. “I don’t necessarily consider myself to be a performance artist just yet” she says.
She discusses her artistic sensibility, the music industry and her fans. And In between the long meditative silences, Gaga is an open, even confessional interviewee.

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