Jennifer Lawrence stumbles during the Oscars ceremony. Photo/AP
Jennifer Lawrence stumbles during the Oscars ceremony. Photo/AP
Jennifer Lawrence fell over at the Oscars, not because of overwhelming nerves, nor even, as Joan Rivers cruelly suggested recently, because she "tripped over her own ego".
The American Hustle star came crashing to the ground because she couldn't stop thinking about cake.
The actress, who collected her Best Actress Oscar for her role as a depressive singleton in Silver Linings Playbook at the 2013 Academy Awards, told W Magazine: "I was at the Oscars, waiting to hear? if my name was called, and I kept thinking, cakewalk, cakewalk, cakewalk.
"I thought, 'Why is 'cakewalk' stuck in my head?'
"And then, as I started to walk up the stairs and the fabric from my dress tucked under my feet, I realised my stylist had told me, 'Kick, walk, kick, walk'.
"You are supposed to kick the dress out while you walk, and I totally forgot because I was thinking about cake! And that's why I fell."
Lawrence will no doubt be hoping to put the reoccurring image of gateau to the back of her mind during awards season this year, especially after it was revealed that she will be one of the hosts at the 2014 Golden Globes today.
Lawrence recently hit the headlines for saying she felt it should be "illegal to call someone fat on TV".
Comedienne Joan Rivers, who has repeatedly taken aim at Lawrence for comments the actress made about her celebrity show Fashion Police!, hit back at the jibe, claiming that Lawrence was a hypocrite who had been "touched up more than a choir boy at the Vatican".
"My New Year's resolution is [ensuring] Jennifer Lawrence grows up and realises how lucky she is and calms down," she told the New York Post, before adding an acerbic: "I love that she's telling everyone how wrong it is to worry about retouching and body image, and meanwhile, she has been touched up more than a choir boy at the Vatican.
"Look at her posters," she continued. "She doesn't have a nose, she has two holes. She just has to learn, don't talk if you're doing it."
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