Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Bridge to Infinity - Bruce Cathie

Captain Bruce Cathie shows how HARMONICS - wave forms of light - and their interaction and resonance, form the basis or "matrix" of the universe. Advanced applications for space travel, "free" energy production and much more could be developed. An important book, filled with mathematical data and derivations to back up his case. He shows examples of how the ancients used this knowledge to design the Great Pyramid, the world grid system, and even the basis for the English system of measurement. He is convinced a secret group is utilizing this knowledge and purposefully keeping the world ignorant and backward. Based upon the impact this kind of advancement would have on the "profitable" fossil fuel monopoly, it's hard to argue with him. Carefully written for both the scientist and the layman, The Bridge To Infinity is a powerful and important book and ahead of its time. To those with a scientific background, it's a "must-read". To those without such a background, I say READ IT ANYWAY.

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