Monday, January 7, 2013


I Dreamed A Dream

When I was only two years old I began to have a recurring dream.

I was a Tibetan monk, dressed in the traditional red and ochre robes, with prayer beads. I walked across a swing bridge which spanned a huge chasm and when I was half way across, the bridge collapsed and I fell into the chasm. As I fell a “God voice” spoke to me, saying one word, “OM”. I was so frightened my mother took me to see psychologists and psychiatrists and I was submitted to many tests as they thought I might be epileptic.

Still the dreams continued over a period of about two years.

Finally a doctor persuaded my mother that I was overheating and asked her to leave the blankets off me at night. The dreams finally ceased.

What gave rise to this recurring dream?

I knew nothing of Tibetan monks or their practices, the colors of their robes or their sacred chants. 

I was brought up a traditional Roman Catholic, did not have television and had never been exposed to any of these traditions at such a young age.

Carl Jung called it the collective unconscious.
I believe it is part of my unique human energy signature, a vibration I was born with, that connects me to the stars and powers of infinite potential, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial if I have the courage to use them.

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