Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Star Child

Star Tribes

Ever since I have been a child I have been fascinated by the stars. 

When I was 5 years old I wrote to NASA and told them I wanted to be the first astronaut on a one way trip out of the solar system. I was exhilarated and inspired by the sense of adventure, of going where no man had gone before, the trails that Captain Kirk of Star Trek and Luke Skywalker of Star Wars blazed. They wrote back to me, sincerely, and said I could join up when I was 18.

I studied astronomy, astrophysics, mathematics and astrology. Like Johannes Kepler I saw no conflict as the science of one supplemented the myths of another. Each yielded its own interpretation of sources of light and vibration far beyond our planet Earth.

In 1991 I was privy to a most extraordinary event, recorded on both national television and newspapers in New Zealand. 

I was out walking on the beach with a Ufologist, Steve Audain, who had been giving lectures in New Zealand. He asked me if I would like to see a real UFO.

He claimed to have been visited by aliens, who came down to his beach house in Bethells Beach and cast a blue light over the dwelling for three days forcing his brain to accept vast quantities of alien information. This led to many UFO sightings, such as the one in 1991, many of them documented.

The aliens told Steve that the human being was wired as a transmitter and receiver for universal information and that given the right knowledge, could actually connect and communicate with alien craft and creatures. This was through two crystals in the brain (Located in the third eye area) and a powerful energy generator at the base of the spine and in the spine, which directed with care, would send out the appropriate signals using the planets Venus and Jupiter as transmitting stations.

If you are still reading, then I admire your bravery and resilience as to most ordinary folk the above paragraph may read like nonsense if you haven’t experienced it. But on this one particular night, a Saturday in November, 1991, on Sumner Beach in Christchurch, New Zealand, experience it, we did.

We practiced the energy exercises together for about 5 minutes. Then above our heads appeared a satellite, heading from south to north across the sky. At least it looked like a satellite. Then, when it reached a point exactly above our heads it stopped.

Yes, it stopped.

Satellites do not stop midway through their trajectory.

Then it began its descent towards us.

We could see it clearly.

It was transparent, about twice the size of a jumbo jet, with a massive engine at the rear, a pilot at the front, and three flashing lights at the nose and wing tips. It lowered right down over my house (which was on the beachfront)

It was very similar but not identical to, the Belgian Black Triangle, seen by citizens of Brussels in 1990.

I was stunned.

Not just because I saw it but also because I was very aware we had “called” it.

The craft flashed at us three times.

It then sped off at enormous speed to the north, disappearing over the hills to Lyttleton.

The incident was reported by some people walking on the same beach who saw it, as well as people fishing and a group of four boys, sleeping on the roof of their house, who appeared on national television, all who described the same craft (including a ‘whooshing’ noise it made when it took off) with almost identical accuracy. The newspaper reports are still available today.

The following week, on Wednesday, the US Air Force flew in two jets and a group of scientists. Notices went up all over Sumner town, $500 for information leading to identification of the craft. I never submitted any such information until now.

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