Sunday, January 13, 2013


Queen Elizabeth 1st and me...the day an old woman in the street stopped me and told me all about myself. And I'd never met her before! Read on...

Synchronicity and Queen Elizabeth 1
When my mother was young and single she was working in an orchard picking apples when an old woman approached her and asked to look at her hands. Mum was rather taken aback and too stunned to refuse. The woman took her palms and began to describe her future beginning with her oldest, her first born, a son, whom she said would have a mysterious and unusual life. 
This pattern was mirrored many years later when I was young and single, still at University in Auckland and walking back up towards my lecture from the central Queen Street district after having lunch. An old woman called to me from the other side of the street.
“Do you know you were born on the same day  as Queen Elizabeth the 1st?”
She had me intrigued from the start.
How could someone I had never met, recognize me from the opposite side of the street and identify me by my birthdate?
She hobbled across and stood in front of me, gazing into my eyes.
“You were born on September 7th, were you not?” she said.
Like my mother I was stunned.
I nodded mutely.
She went on to describe various things that would happen in my life, all which have come true, such as the degree I was studying (accounting) would not become my chosen occupation.
Then she thanked me and walked on. I never saw her again.

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