Saturday, January 19, 2013


Telepathy, auras, communication with animals and healing

From very early childhood experiences, many opportunities described by shamans, mystics and saints opened up to me.

I was able to link telepathically with other human beings. One of my friends and I shared dreams precisely. We could describe in detail the dream the other one had the previous night. We knew what each other was thinking. We could choose cards and know which card the other one was holding. We knew when one of us was about to call. The connection was so close it was almost unnerving.

I was able to see auras. One of my staff at the time had a skiing accident several years ago when she broke her elbow. I could see a green bulb of healing around her right elbow and asked her if she had broken it and whether it still ached. She was amazed I could see that and describe the level of her current pain.

I was walking on the beach with a group of friends. They asked me about my abilities and wanted me to prove I could “summon” UFOs. I asked if a simple proof like communicating with animals would suffice, like dolphins. They agreed. I sat down on the beach and began to meditate. A few moments later I felt the consciousness of the ocean, like the brain of a dolphin, inside my body. Several minutes later, three wild dolphins swam along the beach, then turned and swam into where I was sitting. My friends were amazed. I asked them if they wanted to swim with the dolphins who were communicating in high pitched squeaks to us. I ran into the ocean alone and swam with the dolphins as they ducked and dived and jumped in and around me for five minutes. They spoke to me just like I am speaking with you. I was able to understand them and they me. It was truly joyful.

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