Friday, January 4, 2013


Have you ever seen I ghost? A real one? I have, once, in Dunedin in 1986

I was living in Dunedin, New Zealand at Royal Terrace when I was a student. One day I came home and my flatmate, who was cooking, told me I had a guest waiting outside my room (which was locked). I looked down the corridor from the kitchen and saw a tall dark man in a military uniform with a black hat and cloak. I called out to him “Wait!” but instead he turned and walked straight into my room. I didn’t know how that was possible with the door locked and so I raced in after him calling to my flatmate for help. When I got in to my room there was no one there, the window was locked and it was a two floor drop to the concrete below. My suspicions were aroused so I called the landlord. He told me I was the third person in one hundred years to report an identical incident involving the same person, the ghost of Royal Terrace. The student quarters I was living in, he told me, used to be a hospital, and the room I occupied, an operating theatre. The man in question, the ghost, had died on the operating table over one hundred years ago, and perfectly fit my description. 


  1. That's so bizarre! I know someone whose house used to be a hospital and they have similar things happen freaky!

    1. Hi Haley! Yes, totally bizarre! I'm sure it's the hospital thing. So many souls passing in and out. It must make those freaky things happen. Perhaps some people "leave" so suddenly they don't know they've gone! Thanks for the comment. Steve