Thursday, January 3, 2013


Stars In Your Eyes

Stars have harmonics and vibration like music. 

The music of the spheres or Musica Universalis, was a theory proposed by Pythagoras, that stars and planets emit their own unique hum or vibration.

According to recent research by astrophysicists from the University of Birmingham, stars vibrate as a result of earthquake-like seismic activity that reverberates in flickers of light across the galaxies. Scientists compared the light flickers/vibrations coming from a star named KIC 11026764 to those coming from a musical instrument, and they reconstructed the "sounds" by using a technique called astroseismology.

A mystic I met, Geoff Boltwood, has proven that the earth, like the stars, emits a specific vibration by manifesting sounds from a stone at Avebury in front of a group of witnesses. 

When I met him he touched my hands. He said that I came from the star system Pleiades and as such vibrated with that essence, so I was able to manifest a unique aromatic oil. The oil began to pump out of the palms of my hands in such volume that I had to bind my hands with towels in order to drive home. When I reached my friends place, the towels were soaked and they were able to collect the oil in bottles. The oil didn’t stop dripping for 8 hours.

Some years before and after I was able to experience the message of the stars vibration with other people. With one friend I could see an actual star in her eyes and when I looked into her eyes I literally disappeared into the star and lost consciousness. I don’t know what happened in those few seconds of “disappearing” but I was gone somewhere else, not on this earthly plane, and was visibly different when I returned.

With my wife, we were able to experience the Golden Gate, a form of oceanic inter dimensional consciousness where she and I were standing at a gate about to enter a path onto a deserted beach in the South Island of New Zealand. This beach was known for its seals and dolphins. Suddenly both of us were aware of a golden ocean, in and around us, forming a 'stargate' that allowed us to pass briefly into another realm. Literally golden, flowing in our hearts and minds and veins, it transported us both to another dimension, beyond this earth. I asked her afterwards if she felt it, and she described the exact experience I have tried to describe to you. It was an extraordinary miracle, indescribable in words. What I have told you is limited at best. We were, for a short time, transported to another time and place, not on this planet. It was visibly and palpably different. Like coming home.

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