Thursday, July 28, 2011

Archangels and Demons Chapter 1 Fifth section Japanese translation


"Time for bed!" Alice didn’t want to head down this line of conversation on Maia’s birthday. Alice's futon was already laid out. She was lying full length in Tokyo, next to Ben, still in New York. They snuggled into each other.
“Mmm,” said Alice as Ben’s hands explored her body.
“C’mon you two,” said Maia. “This is supposed to be my birthday. Can’t you at least...”
"We’ll listen to the song remotely. Anyway it’s your love song. Shouldn’t intrude. Logging out," said Ben. After all it was 12 hours difference between Tokyo and New York.
Ben's image disappeared beside Alice but not before they both blew Maia an affectionate kiss.
"Come back here you wasters," yelled Altair.
“Oh leave’re much...more...interesting.” Maia kissed Altair more deeply and felt his wet tongue in her mouth. It was a long kiss.
“Now how about that song?”
There was a loud rap on her door.
“Shut the hell up in there you little brat. Can’t you keep it private like the rest of us?” Ava Gripe was just outside her door. Luckily Maia had it securely locked.
Part of modern school policy. A rule she used to her best advantage. Privacy for all study.

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