Monday, July 25, 2011

Archangels and Demons Chapter 1 Third section Japanese translation


Maia wasn’t going to make that same mistake again.
Altair was next, materializing into the room with a waiter, holding a bottle of wine, complete with table and two places set and ready.
“Alice beat you to it,” said Maia.
She gave him a long kiss.
She felt his hands sneak down towards her bottom.
“Hey, not here, not in front of the others. Later....”
She kissed him again and he smiled.
“Got it. Been thinking about the perfect gift for you. So here you go. The song and the name.”
“The band name? Really?”
"Yep, The Archangels."
Yes, that was a perfect name for it.
“Altair, that’s brilliant!” Maia reached out to give him a hug.
Altair scribbled it down on the corner of a napkin from the French cafe he still had one foot in and passed it to Maia. It floated in front of her for a moment and he scrabbled to get it, managing to knock the table and the waiter serving it from behind.
“Oops,” said Altair as the waiter’s wine spilled over into Maia’s room. “Sorry!”
He always got nervous on dates with Maia.
She giggled and scribbled back on the half of the napkin not soaked in wine.
"Black or white angels?"
"Didn't know there were any black ones," said Altair with a sly smile.
"Or would you like to be one anyway? You always look so sexy in black."
"Look, you two, it's just the name of a band. Stop squabbling," said Alice who couldn’t resist teasing Maia about Altair. “Let me help with the date disaster.”
She reached out a hand with a cloth from her apartment to help and the mess disappeared.
“Hey, how’d you do that?” said Maia. The napkin was dry, as was the floor underneath. The waiter looked like he’d never moved.
“Do what?” asked Alice. “I was just trying to help”
She saw the clean floor and shrugged. Strange things always happened around Alice.

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