Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Archangels and Demons Chapter 1 Fourth section Japanese translation


“Don’t know girl. Glitch in the matrix?”
“What about the song Altair? You promised me a song.” Maia was sitting now, pouting, trying to look offended. It was her birthday after all.
“Yes, I did promise. Our first single.” Altair looked so proud that Alice laughed.
"Guys, just chill. It's not as if we're superstars or anything. Our band kind of sucks."
Ben appeared yawning, it was getting late in New York.
“Oh, you’ve started already. Sorry I’m late Maia. Been working on something. Happy Birthday!” He put down a small device about the size of a dime.
“What’s that?” asked Maia. “You know I’m into swords Ben, not coins.”
“Yep. This is one of my own creations. Hit it.”
She pressed the small dimes surface and music began to play followed by Ben’s voice and face appearing over it in the room.
“For all true followers of the Blade. Your own personal rare sword finder. Where to procure them, even the ones the Faith won’t let you find...follow the voice prompts to begin.”
“Cool darling. You’re so smart,” said Alice kissing Ben. “Now let the girl hear her lover boy’s song...”
“Thanks Ben,” said Maia. “Altair was just about to play me my love song...and first hit single.” Maia laughed. “Can’t see us being big music stars without an Agent.”
"One day...one day...you'll see," said Altair with a grin.
"Ben and I are working on the Agent thing."
There was an awkward silence.
Agents had been a moot point in the group.
“Is that wise?” said Maia.
They knew they had to have one to be successful in the world but it meant getting entwined in The Faith. Agents were part of everything, from entertainment to security. They were the mediators, giving you the necessary contacts in the governing body, The Faith. There were many rumors, even whispers of murders and disappearances if you didn’t follow protocol. And none of them wanted that.

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