Sunday, July 24, 2011

Archangels and Demons Chapter 1 Second section Japanese translation


She loved this virtual reality. She could kiss and make love to her boyfriend Altair anytime she wanted to and it sure felt real.
She didn’t need to leave home to find most of what she wanted and what she couldn’t find...well, Alice had a knack of conjuring up the rest.
Even her twelve guitars, vintage, most of them from the last century. Old Les Pauls. Now he must have been a genius, thought Maia.
Oh, for real music!
The music industry had crumbled a long time ago and most musicians like Maia, Altair and Alice made their living directly from their fans via the virtual web, now a network of communities that provided all facilities from schooling to entertainment, right here in the house!
So fortunately there was no need to leave her room and encounter the vicious Mrs Gripe.
The last time she had, Mrs Gripe had forced her to clean the toilets until her hands had bled and got infected from the shit she had to clean out of the bowls.
Maia wasn’t going to make that same mistake again.

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