Friday, July 29, 2011

Music as Vibration and Power - The Keynote

Everything has a keynote, The winds, rain, ocean waves, all the sounds of nature plus the cars, factories and the sounds of mankind along with every other sound on our Planet combine to create on composite sound or keynote.
Each individual's keynote is also influenced by the keynote of the astrological and planetary sign under which they were born. Although it manifests in matter, the keynote has a Spiritual Origin. Physically, the keynote emanates from the base of the skull at the medulla oblongata. For those sensitive enough to hear it, it is a droning sound similar to the buzzing of a bee. Eastern mystics call it 'Om' which they also consider to be the sound of the Universe.
 The microcosm is the macrocosm.
Sympathetic Vibration
One simple way to rejuvenate and improve our health is to reinforce or 'tune up' our keynote through the use of sympathetic vibration.
Here is a simplified example of how sympathetic vibration, sometimes call 'resonant frequency', works. If you were holding a tuning fork and a friend stood near you while playing another tuning fork, soon the fork that you are holding would start to vibrate to the same note as your friend's fork. If your friend's note is played long enough loudly enough and aggressively enough, your friend could cause your tuning fork to shatter. Both tuning forks must be of the same pitch or key, otherwise they have no effect on each other. Only tuning forks that are similarly tuned will vibrate together or influence one another.
This is the principle that Joshua used in the Battle of Jericho.
By trumpeting the keynote of the walls, they were able to crumble the fortress.
Sympatric vibration has been understood by the military for ages. Every commander knows not to ever let his soldiers march across a bridge. Instead, they walk. If they were to hit upon the resonant frequency of the bridge, the vibration of their marching feet would literally trample down the bridge, destroying themselves in the process.
Vibration can destroy. But the reverse is also very true.
Playing the keynote in a soothing manner causes everything in the surrounding area that is of the same pitch to resonate. Everything that's on the same vibe begins to harmonize. Scientists established long ago that plants grow faster, larger and healthier when soothing music is played in their presence. Likewise, by listening to relaxing music played at the correct pitch, we strengthen the harmonization of our own keynote. The Spiritual bodies become energized and aligned, which vitalizes the etheric body (which in turn causes the rejuvenation of the whole person).
One of the many ways this is accomplished is by the regulation of brain chemicals like serotonin which are related to feelings of well being peacefulness.
By reinforcing our individual key notes, Soul Music vitalizes and strengthens our Spiritual and physical bodies allowing the Music of the Spheres to truly live within us. The stronger the note, the healthier the Spirit,  the stronger the body and the longer the life.

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